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Recent Installation
04 x W5240H - Electrolux Industrial Washers, 450G, 27KG

04 x SDI - Electrolux Smart Dosing Interface
03 x T5675 - Electrolux Industrial Dryers, Axial Airflow, 37KG
02 x IC43320 - Electrolux Cylinder Flatwork Ironer



This new hotel wanted to have an OPL and process their laundry onsite to ensure results and have control over their operations. They invested in W5240H, high spin, 450G washers which ensure the optimum water extraction during the final spin, therefore reducing drying time and resulting in energy savings. Electrolux SDI weighs the load and adjusts the detergent according to the weight of the load. This generates a minimum 20% saving in detergent, ensures required results are achieved and provides managements reports.

The T5675 dryers are the most energy efficient dryers on the market. They have an accurate RMC system which stops the dryer at the required moisture content and prevents overdrying.

Electrolux lead the industry with regards to resource efficient technology and ensuring they can offer products that save customers time and money in their laundry operations.