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We are pleased to announce the introduction of a new product to the market. It’s called CapitalPlus and it’s a finance option for all commercial and industrial Laundry equipment. CapitalPlus is a structured rental asset solution for your laundry equipment needs. It is a Rent to Own plan, with a one, two or three-year option.

If you are currently outsourcing your laundry work, struggling with Cashflow or you have a laundry with old equipment, why not consider CapitalPlus as your way to finance your own equipment.

If you answered yes to any of the below, CapitalPlus is for you.

  • Tired of outsourcing costs?
  • Tired of poor wash results?
  • Tired of missing laundry or receiving back damaged linen?
  • Tired of unreliable equipment and constant repairs?
  • Wanting to save energy, water and chemicals?


Benefits of Financing

  • No capital outlay, so your cashflow is not affected.
  • Easy to budget on a fixed monthly cost for the full term of agreement.
  • Rentals are tax deductible from pre-tax income.
  • Rentals are fixed, regardless of interest rates.
  • No personal guarantees or surety is needed.
  • Early settlement can be done at no extra fee.
  • Ownership for R1 after the period of the rental term.


What are the minimum requirements for CapitalPlus?

  • Minimum of 3 years in business.
  • Minimum of R3m turnover per year.
  • 10% Deposit.
  • Lien from the Landlord, if your premises are rented.
  • Terms and Conditions apply.

To find out more about CapitalPlus and what it will cost you to purchase your own equipment on a monthly basis, please contact us on 010 900 4998, 021 180 4998, 031 563 7273 or