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MEGA - Melvill Equipment Group Africa was founded in 1992 and rebranded in 2006 when a father and son team bought the company. Today, it continues to be run and built on those same family values. We are the sole distributor of the world’s no 1 manufacturer of Industrial Laundry Equipment, Electrolux, and we represent other world leading brands such as LG, Pony, and GMP. With excellent growth over the last decade, the right product mix, excellent after sales service and a trained technical team, we are the logical and sustainable choice for any laundry requirement. Our entire team is driven towards making customers’ lives easier and more profitable through more efficient and reliable machines.

Why choose MEGA as you preferred Laundry equipment provider:

• Specialist in the Laundry industry, as it's our sole business focus.
• 28 years’ experience with proven solutions.
• We are the official & largest importers for Electrolux, LG Commercial, GMP and Pony brands into Africa.
• Guaranteed lowest parts pricing compared to our competitors.
• We are solution focussed. We don't just sell equipment, we are here to provide a long-term laundry solution for our clients, that best meets their requirements. 
• We are the only South African supplier with a 2-year warranty across our full range of products.
• Big enough to count, small enough to care.

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Considering the initial investment variance between domestic and commercial / industrial equipment, we believe it important to communicate these long term performance variances and educate customers towards making the best possible investment for their application. Industrial equipment is built with the following points in mind:

- Commercial equipment has a designed life of 10'000 Cycles = 6 cycles per day for 5 years
- Industrial equipment has a designed life of 30,000 Cycles = 8 cycles per day for 10 years
- All equipment is designed for quick repairs & affordable long term parts pricing

- Programs are designed for quick cycle times
- Industrial washers come standard with correctly dimensioned 3 phase heating = fast heating of water
- Commercial & Industrial dryers are designed to process full towel loads in 30 to 45 minutes

- Low water usage
- Low chemical usage
- Low energy usage

Results Driven 
- With programmable controls & custom programs per requirement, you achieve better results 
- Washers are liquid dosing pump ready = more control = best in class results & proper rinsing 
- Dryers are designed to minimise cycle times = longer linen / towel / garment life

Our goal at MEGA is to provide the best possible products for each application and industry leading after sales support, we hope to build a lifelong partnership with our customers and see success in their businesses. This is also the reason why our focus is on selling only commercial and industrial equipment which provide outstanding results and an undeniable advantage over domestic appliances.