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At MEGA, we understand the importance of Laundry best practices, to ensure efficiencies and cost savings for our clients. As a service, we offer a Laundry audit at a small fee. We have seen the benefits of these audits for our clients, with very positive feedback. With hygiene, disinfection and sanitisation top of mind, these audits entail a detailed analysis of your laundry process cycle, from start to finish, with a report produced for your perusal and safe keeping.

The benefits of the audit, are as follows:

  • Professional and experienced advice and feedback on your laundry processes and how you can improve this with a few small tweaks and minimal cost.
  • Feedback and advice on resource efficiencies and how that can be improved, to save you money.
  • Audit on your machinery - age, condition, serial numbers and photos to keep on record.
  • Preventative maintenance planning, to save you potential downtime and money.
  • Brief operator on-site training and advice, during the audit.
  • Suggested efficient operations planning.
  • Advice on latest technologies that could improve your business.

The cost for this audit is R2000. However, if you purchase any equipment from us, the audit fee is not payable. To carry out an effective laundry audit, we would arrange to be on site before the laundry starts, to analyse operator habits from the start of their work day. The audit will take between 2-3 hours on site.

There is no better time than right now, to ensure you’re adhering to laundry best practice and meeting hygiene standards. With our audit, products and advice, you can guarantee these levels of sanitisation and hygiene to your clients, by following our suggested laundry procedures and steps.

To find out more, call us on 031 563 7273 or email

MEGA – Your trusted Laundry and Hygiene specialist.

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