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Published : Friday, January 27, 2023

01 x WH6-6 LAC - Electrolux LAC Industrial Washer, 530G, 6KG

02 x PW9 - Electrolux Industrial Washer, 300G, 9KG
01 x WH6-20 LAC - Electrolux LAC Industrial Washer, 450G, 20KG

01 x TD6-6 LAC - Electrolux LAC Industrial Dryers, REV, RMC, 6KG
02 x TD6-10G - Electrolux Industrial Dryer, Axial Airflow, REV, RMC, 10KG
01 x TD6-30G - Electrolux Industrial Dryer, Axial Airflow, REV, RMC, 30KG
01 x GENUS - PONY Industrial Finishing Table, Vacuum, Blowing, Boiler
01 x IC43320G - Electrolux Flatwork Ironer, 2000 x ∅ 330mm


This new laundry wanted an industrial, resource efficient and long-term solution for their new premises. By choosing different capacity Washer and Dryer sets, they gave their laundry the flexibility to handle different load sizes and ensure that resources were utilised optimally. They also chose the Electrolux Lagoon Advanced Care system which is an Eco Friendly Dy Cleaning alternative and the only tried and tested wet cleaning solution on the market endorsed by Woolmark.

This solution allow our client to cater for a wide variety of customers and clean delicate garments with the best care.

This customer chose gas heated dryers which provide faster heating and reduce energy/electricity costs.