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Published : Wednesday, September 6, 2023

08 x LG Giant C Max - LG Commercial Washer, 450G, 10KG

08 x LG Giant C Pro - LG Commercial Dryer, 10KG


This new business wanted a resource efficient and user friendly solution for their new laundromat. Front load washers use 45 litres of water per cycle where top loaders use 120 litres of water per cycle. Front loaders have much better mechanical action and extraction during the final spin, which yields better results, less drying time and energy savings. On average, front load washers would generate an estimated 46% saving in utilities.


We installed a card payment system that works with debit/credit cards or it can work with room access cards. It can be managed remotely, has less maintenance and is the future of vend solutions. 


To find out how we can help your business become more resource efficient and to safe on your monthly operating costs, email us at or call us on 010 900 4998, 021 180 4998 or 031 563 7273.


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