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Published : Thursday, January 14, 2021

In today’s world, ease of use and security is more important to us than having the benefits of cash in the Laundry environment. Using cashless payments for self-service laundries can be made hassle-free for customers, as well as for owners. Let us at MEGA, assist you with this.

Instead of carrying coins to complete their wash, your customers/residents can experience the convenience of Nayax’s cashless payment solutions and you can build customer loyalty by providing this convenience to them. This product is ideal for student accommodation, aged care facilities, backpackers, vend laundromats and apartment blocks. The Nayax system connects seamlessly with our LG commercial range of laundry equipment, as seen in the image above.


With cashless payments, you can save time by cutting down on your need to collect the cash from each machine, and avoid the hassle and security issues of carrying large amounts of coins from location to location.


Why not consider replacing your coin or token mechanisms with this new technology. Along with the advantages mentioned above, using Nayax cashless solution, has the following benefits. 

  • Convenient for your customer, creating loyalty to you.
  • Track sales in real-time.
  • Accepts mobile payments, credit and debit cards that are swipe, contact or contactless, as well as prepaid/closed system cards.
  • Affordable.
  • Fully certified by all the leading financial institutions and accepts all credit/debit card brands.
  • View performance of your machines & understand why transactions failed, remotely.
  • No more cash theft, handling fees, or admin fees for administering tokens.
  • Easy to install.
  • Dynamic pricing allows operators to pass the convenience fee along to the consumer.
  • No longer experience coin or token jams in your machines.
  • Price flexibility. With a cashless payment system, coin denominations no longer limit you to round prices. 
  • Create a safer environment. Without cash transactions, the threat of vandalism to your machines is reduced. Installing Nayax devices will make your laundromat a safer place, that your customers will want to frequent.
  • Save on maintenance. With Nayax’s telemetry, operators can track which machines are used most and rotate washers and dryers to maximise efficiency, saving on maintenance fees in the long run, allowing equal wear and tear on the machines’ parts.
To find out more about this system and the costs involved, or to enquire about our LG commercial range of laundry equipment, please contact us on 010 900 4998, 021 180 4998, 031 563 7273 or