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Published : Friday, December 20, 2019

MEGA is delighted to announce the appointment of our new MD, Simon Raab, who will be taking over from Gavin Melvill, who retired in September. Gavin and Brett Melvill started MEGA in 2006 and have built it into the success that it is today. With Gavin’s retirement the company was looking for the right person to fill his role.

Simon joined existing shareholder Brett Melvill and the rest of the MEGA team on the 1st November and brings with him over 20 years in business experience and many years of expertise in running a successful business with over 200 staff. With a tertiary education in marketing, a background in the Oil & Gas and Property industries, an eye for detail and a flair for sales and marketing, Simon is the right fit for the company and Brett is excited about the new addition to the MEGA team. “Simon is someone that I have always wanted to join our company, but we’ve never had the opportunity to get him involved, until now. He is an experienced leader, gifted speaker and someone who we are thrilled to have at MEGA. The timing is right now and I am excited about the skillset that he brings to our dynamic team”

Raab added: “Joining Brett and his fantastic team at MEGA, is an enticing opportunity for me and one that I had to grab. I know that I can add value to the company and I believe that Brett and I will make a great partnership together. 2020 is going to be an exciting year for the company, with new appointments planned and additional showrooms pipelined for Johannesburg and Cape Town”

Simon can be contacted on 031 563 7273 or