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Which Finishing Equipment Best Suits Your Needs?


Published : Saturday, October 29, 2022

Which Finishing Equipment Best Suits Your Needs?

To deliver a high-quality finish to your laundry services, you will need to use efficient and dependable finishing equipment.

To achieve a premium finish on a garment, you will need a sufficient amount and steady supply of steam to relax the fibres and remove creases. The different types of finishing equipment will ultimately differ in build quality, time efficiency (manually or automatically refilled boilers), steam pressure, and other table features such as vacuum, blowing, and heating functions. 

Let’s take a look at some of the finishing equipment options we can offer at MEGA to get the job done effectively and efficiently.

Handheld Iron

The commercial handheld Pony Baby iron has a 1.8 litre boiler that provides high pressured steam, which needs to be manually refilled. The boiler has an aluminum coating with prevents rust building up in the boiler. It has the optional extra of a Teflon-coated shoe that prevents burning and ‘shining’ the delicate materials.

This iron is best suited to low-volume applications and is designed to run for only about three to four hours at a time.

Finishing Table

Our industrial finishing tables, the Pony FVC and the Pony Genus, have 5 litre boilers that are plumbed to ensure a consistent and steady flow of steam. The FVC has a 200W vacuum motor. The vacuum ironing surface pulls the steam through the garments and removes it, and holds items in place to allow for ultimate efficiency. It also has a sleeve arm for finishing difficult shapes.

The Genus has a 600W vacuum motor which allows for a stronger vacuum function. It also has a blowing function which is used to process delicate items where steam is needed but without pressure on the garment (EG: jackets with a delicate lining).

These finishing tables are built to run consistently for a full eight-hour shift and are therefore better suited to high-volume applications.

To order finishing equipment that can get the job done well and quickly, contact us at MEGA and lets us advise you on the perfect finishing solution for your laundry today.