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Recent Installation

04 x W5240H - Electrolux Industrial Washers, 450G, 27KG
03 x T5675 - Electrolux Industrial Dryers, ARR, 37KG
02 x IC43320 - Electrolux Flatwork Ironer, 2065 x 330mm
04 x SDI - Electrolux Smart Dosing Interface

This new hospital after a large amount of research, decided to invest in a fully equipped Electrolux laundry and from the outset wanted the best possible solution for their application.

Our smart dosing system is able to provide simple thermal verification and production reporting, which are seen as key laundry management tools for all our healthcare customers.

Electrolux's marketing leading axial airflow dryer technology delivers the industries lowest energy consumption of 1 kW per litre of evaporation and our superior RMC system ensures the dryer stops at the exact programmed moisture content.