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01 x PW9 - Electrolux Industrial Washer, 300G, 9KG
01 x W5105H - Electrolux Industrial Washer, 450G, 11KG
01 x T5190 - Electrolux Industrial Dryer, Axial Airflow, REV, RMC, 10KG

01 x TD6-14 - Electrolux Industrial Dryer, Axial Airflow, REV, RMC, 14KG
01 x FVC - PONY Industrial Finishing Table, Vacuum, Boiler, Hand Iron
01 x GMP140T - GMP Flatwork ironer, 1400 x ∅ 250mm, Tenax

This new retirement village wanted an industrial, resource efficient and long-term solution for their new on premise laundry. They also needed equipment that could sanitise and disinfect their linen so that their residents would be given the best care and hygienic facilities. By choosing two different capacity Washer and Dryer sets, they gave their laundry the flexibility to handle different load sizes and ensure that resources were utilised optimally. 


The FVC finishing table has a plumbed, built-in boiler which will provide constant steam for the perfect finish of personal garments. 


The GMP140T Ironer has Tenax stainless steel spring padding which provides a superior finish and never needs to be replaced during the life time of the machine, unlike steel wool padding which will compress over time and require replacement.