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Smart Dosing

Detergent cost is something often overlooking during the purchasing process, however this cost is actually far more then the machine investment over the machines life. So purchasing a washer that weighs the load of laundry and adjusts detergent dosages accordingly, is a vital tool that every laundry owner should insist on. See below example:

27 kg Washer @ DOL 1/10 x R0.50 per kg chemical costs x 30'000 cycles = R360'000
Smart dosing savings @ 20% = R72'000  
Image shown from a local installation has a saving of R1956 x 120 months = R234'720

All line 5000 Electrolux washers have this technology, you can either purchase a Smart Dosing Interface which connects to 3rd party pumps supplied by your chemical company or we are able to supply a total solution with pumps.