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Recent Installation

Recent Installation
08 x T5675 - Electrolux 30'000 Cycle Dryers, ARR, 37KG

This customer needed to reduce his energy consumption and decided to invest in our market leading dryers with Axial Airflow, this airtight design uses 1 kW per liter of evaporation versus older Radial Airflow designs which use between 1.2 kW and 1.4 kW per liter of evaporation. Our dryers also come standard with a reversing cylinder, which is key in reducing drying times, saving around 7 minutes per cycle. Electrolux's advanced Residual Moisture Control stops the dryer when towels are dry or when linen has the perfect moisture content for a flatwork ironer, this not only saves time and energy, however improves the guest experience, lengthens linen life and saves labour in ironing.