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Top Loader vs Front Loader Washing Machines - Which is Best?


Published : Tuesday, November 9, 2021


Depending on your budget, specific requirements, available space and overall preferences, you may find that a front loader is a better choice compared with a top loader. Top loaders generally have a more affordable upfront cost but they will be more costly to run. There is an average saving of 46% in utility costs by choosing a front load washer.

Benefits / Differences

Water usage: Front loaders use about 45 litres of water per cycle where top loaders use 120-200 litres of water per cycle. Front loaders work on a saturation level, where top loaders will fill the drum for every cycle.

Rinses: Front loaders also are programmable and they can have 3 fresh water rinses. Top loaders have a grey water rinse which doesn’t remove the chemicals or any residual dirt properly. 

Detergent: Liquid detergent can be automatically dosed into front loaders which ensures correct dosage, prevents wastage of chemicals and provides better results

Mechanical action: Front loaders have much better mechanical action due to the gravitational fall of items. The agitator in top loaders can also damage large items as they get wrapped around it.

Spin & energy savings: Front loaders achieve a higher water extraction during the final spin which results in less water to be evaporated in the dryer = energy and time savings.

Space saving: The dryer can be stacked on top of the front load washer which results in space saving. 

Still unsure which option is best? Contact MEGA today and let us help you choose the ideal top or front loader washing machine for your budget, space and requirements.