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3 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Industrial Washing Machines


Published : Wednesday, November 24, 2021

There are many things to consider when choosing industrial washing machines, from brand to size, load capacity, load type, energy efficiency, and features. Knowing what to consider when choosing machines is essential. Choosing the wrong machine can have a huge impact on your business. This can range from being unable to provide the santiised results that your clients need or not being able to get through the work load in a day. In this article, we share a few of the biggest mistakes to avoid when selecting industrial washing machines. 

Avoid These Industrial Washing Machine Mistakes

Get the most from your industrial washing machine by looking out for these mistakes.

1/ Incorrect Capacity

Drum size is something you cannot afford to overlook. As a general rule of thumb, the larger the drum size, the bigger the load. This means spending less time constantly filling and emptying the machine as each load is completed. However, you need to keep in mind that the washer needs to be filled for every cycle, if you underload a washer, you will cause premature mechanical issues. Bigger is not always best. You need to analyse the size of the loads that are coming in from your different customers and then decide which capacity would be best to process those loads efficiently. If you have a client that is bringing in 50kg per day, it is much faster to split that load twice and process it through a 27kg washer than split it 5 times and process it through an 11kg washer. However, you need enough clients that are bringing in 25-50kg or more per day in order to keep that machine busy and providing a return on your investment. 

2/ Choosing power-heavy/inefficient machines

Energy efficiency is a major concern for every business and laundry businesses are no exception. With loadshedding and other factors at play, saving on electricity is vital. It is also essential to choose machines that do not use extensive water or other resources. Although price should always come into play when choosing machines, it is a mistake to assume that paying more energy-efficient machines is not worth the cost. In fact, you will save far more in the long run with a reliable machine that uses minimal resource. Often the resource savings can pay for the difference in capital many times over, so always ask about utility consumption. The capital cost makes up 15% over the lifetime running cost of the machine. 85% of the lifetime running costs is made up of your resources (detergent, water and electricity).

3/ Overly simple or uncustomizable programming

Today's washing machines have a host of features that optimise the entire process. Multiple settings help to ensure the best washing results. With that in mind, choosing machines that have limited programmes may not allow you to have control over things such as temperature, material types, colours and other variables. The programs determine how items are processed and what your results are. It is important to be able to customise programs to suit your different needs and achieve the results your clients will keep coming back for. 

The biggest mistake of all is assuming that every machine is basically the same. Although washing machines serve the same purpose, they are all different. The best way to choose the right machine is to get professional help. At MEGA, our goal is to help you find the right machine for your specific needs. Contact us today and let us help you choose an industrial washing machine the smart way.