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The Importance of Barrier Washers for Laundry Hygiene


Published : Tuesday, December 14, 2021


Barrier washers play a vital role in laundry hygiene. These industrial washers have a unique system that separates clean and soiled linen, effectively eliminating any risk of cross-contamination. They are typically used in any environment requiring a stringent level of protection. As the name implies, barrier washers have a barrier that separates the loading and unloading sides. This allows washing to be done without any contact between clean and soiled loads. In this guide, we share more information on barrier washers and explain how they are used for optimal laundry hygiene.

Barrier Washers for Laundry Hygiene

Regular industrial washers may work in many environments. In environments that have a high risk of contamination or those that require a much higher level of sanitisation, specialised equipment is needed. Barrier washers are used to ensure complete laundry hygiene. Keep reading to find out more.

What are barrier washers?

These washers essentially create a barrier between clean and soiled laundry. As we mentioned above, washing is loaded on one side of the wall and unloaded on the other side. By creating a physical barrier, there is no risk of contaminated laundry. In today’s era of COVID, these machines are integral to preventing the spread of viruses and pathogens.

Where are they used?

Needless to say, barrier washers are most commonly used in healthcare environments. This includes hospitals, care facilities, clinics, and other facilities that require an especially high level of hygiene. They are also used in pharmaceutical industries where controlled environments are required. Science labs and other facilities that run testing would also require this type of washer. In short, they are used in any environment that cannot risk clean items making contact with particles or pathogens.

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