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What Makes Electrolux the Most Resource-Efficient Brand in the Industry?


Published : Thursday, February 10, 2022


Electrolux industrial laundry equipment gives you the advantage of significant resources savings, with a range of features that help you to save on water, detergent and electricity. 

The capital cost of equipment only accounts for 16% of the total lifetime running costs of the machine. 40–50% of the lifetime running costs equates to detergent costs and the balance is split between water and electricity. 

Even though the capital cost is the initial upfront cost, it is very important to invest in equipment that will ultimately pay for itself in resource savings, over its lifetime. Electrolux industrial laundry equipment is the leader in this field as it is their focus to save their customers’ costs in operating utilities. 

Electrolux Industrial Laundry Equipment Features

Built-in features that set Electrolux industrial laundry equipment part in resource-efficiency include the following:

  • AWS: AWS (Automatic Water Savings) washers weigh the load and adjust the water according to the weight of the load.

  • Pocket valve: The drain valve is positioned right underneath the drum, which saves up to 450,000 litres of water over the life of the machine. 

  • SDI: SDI (Smart Dosing Interface) is an optional extra but it is well worth the cost. We highly recommend SDI and have seen it save customers as much as R5000 per month in detergent costs in some cases. This tool controls the chemical pumps, adjusting the chemical dosage according to the weight of the load. SDI saves a minimum of 20-40% in detergent costs and also provide management reports 

  • Reversing drum: Dryers have a reversing drum, preventing knotting and balling of fabrics. It also reduces drying time by 7 to 10 minutes.

  • RMC: RMC (Residual Moisture Control) uses the entire drum as a sensor, stopping dryers when items are fully dry. Electrolux has an extremely efficient RMC system.

These are just some of the features that set Electrolux apart as a trusted brand. MEGA offers a range of Electrolux industrial laundry equipment that will provide you with all the resource-saving benefits of this leading brand.