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Changing to a Cashless System in Your Self-Service Laundry Business


Published : Thursday, February 24, 2022


Token and coin systems are making way for cashless systems, offering a far more effective option for your self-service laundry business. Vended laundries are used in many environments, from public laundromats to on-premise laundromats in student dorms, hotels and other environments. 

While tokens and coins have been the traditional payment option, these come with a number of challenges, including vandalism, coin or token jamming and frequent maintenance. Cashless systems remove these challenges, providing customers with a far simpler and more efficient solution. At MEGA, our recommended solution for a vended laundry business is Nayax. Nayax works with credit or debit cards or they can be linked to room access or student cards. When cards are scanned, a pulse is sent to the machine, enabling customers to start the laundry cycle once payment is approved. 

Going Cashless in Your Vended Laundry Business

Advantages offered by a cashless system for your vended laundry business include the following:

Remote management

The Nayax system enables you to change pricing and review statistics of the washers and dryers remotely. 

Reduced maintenance

With this system, laundry management system operators can easily note which machines are being used most frequently. You can create promotions or specials on certain Nayax devices to ensure equal usage of your machines.

Customer convenience

Another major benefit is convenience. Self-service machines in general offer a more convenient solution to customers. Cashless systems are even more convenient. In today’s world, fewer people are carrying coins. Trying to find loose change for laundry can be frustrating. With a cashless system, debit and credit cards can be used. In the case of residences, student cards can be used, with laundry costs added to monthly charges. Room cards can also be linked for washers and dryers in hotels, self-catering accommodation and other accommodation facilities. 

To learn more about the Nayax solution for your vended laundry business, contact MEGA today.