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How to Choose Laundry Machines for Hotels


Published : Thursday, April 21, 2022


Choosing the right laundry machine for your hotel is essential to keep your linen and towels fresh for guests. Depending on the size of your hotel, you may go through a huge amount of washing and drying every day. Laundry hygiene plays a major role in getting the job done properly, while factors such as laundry room size will also come into play. Over and beyond these criteria, there are a few important things you will need to take into consideration when selecting laundry machines for your hotel.

Choosing Laundry Machines for Hotels

Three of the most important factors when choosing laundry machines for hotels and other similar establishments include the following:


This is determined by the number of rooms, the average days and hours of your laundry operation, and the frequency of linen and towels changes. In a large hotel, there will be a huge volume of washing and drying required. This means that you will need to have sufficient machines, each of which is able to handle a large load capacity. In a smaller boutique hotel, you will need smaller and fewer machines. It is important to keep in mind that you need to fill the washer for every cycle. Underloading will cause mechanical strain on the machine. Bigger isn’t always best.

User-friendly and process automation

Features are another thing you will need to take into account. The machines you choose should be as easy to use as possible. They should have an easy program selection (preferably an LCD display screen that describes the different programs according to product type), they should have an automated process in terms of detergent dosage, water level adjustment. This will optimise washing and drying quality, look after the relevant items that are being processed and operating times.


Finally, it is always best to ensure that your machines are eco-friendly. Machines such as Electrolux are known for their sustainability. These machines are designed for the lowest possible water, energy and detergent consumption. Features such as Automatic Savings weighs the linen and adjusts the water level to the amount of linen, saving water and energy at less than full load. 

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