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Electrolux Tumble Dryers Are The Most Resource Efficient Product On The Market


Published : Thursday, August 25, 2022


Tumble dryers are usually heavily energy and resources intensive systems to run and, therefore, can be costly when used on an ongoing basis. 

However, this is where the Electrolux tumble dryer range comes in to change things for you. The quality of the result is uncompromised while simultaneously minimising running costs through various innovative technologies. The ergonomic design includes hard-to-resist features, including 20 to 40% decreased energy consumption. 

Why Is Decreased Energy Usage Important? 

Decreasing the amount of energy we use is critical in the world today. Its one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to save money, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and meet the growing global demand for energy-reliant appliances.

The environmental impacts of choosing the energy-saving solution are paramount, and our social responsibility is to include a range that meets these criteria while still delivering a premium service. Moreover, Electrolux as an energy-efficient solution offers some compelling utility system benefits, including lowering the overall electricity demand and reducing the amount spent on electricity generation. 

Energy Reducing Features 

The innovative energy-saving power behind the Electrolux tumble dryers is due to several compelling features, starting with Axial Airflow, a superior air-tight system. The system utilises heat far more efficiently, reducing heat by 1.2 kW to 1 kW per litre of evaporation. Then we have Residual Moisture Control technology that stops at the ideal moisture content or when dry to deliver the best possible results for flat working ironing. 

A reversing cylinder prevents knotting and balling, sustaining a product's quality with up to ten minutes shorter drying times. Finally, high-quality rollers add support to the front of the cylinder to reduce long-term maintenance significantly. The magnetic door lock requires zero maintenance and will show minimal signs of wear and tear due to its highly-durable design. Lastly, an easy-clean lint filter with an oversized design delivers results benefiting from the quick drying times and reduced cleaning intervals. 

Other Compelling Benefits 

When it comes to investing energy saving alternatives, individuals may usually find the upfront investment costs intimidating. However, when considering long-term financial impact, the equipment’s initial capital cost accounts for just 16% of the machine’s total lifetime running costs. 

Moreover, of the lifetime running costs, 40-50% equates to detergent, electricity and water costs. Therefore, this is a far more sustainable option than trying to swerve initial upfront costs. As a business, making this initial investment will result in significant resource savings over its lifespan and ultimately pay for itself.

The Electrolux tumble dryer range is by far the most energy-efficient product available today on the market. The innovative features last a lifetime even after years of continuous use and deliver your garments in fantastic shape while drying them and retaining their original form. And while this is all true, users will significantly be cutting down on energy usage, making the initial investment worth every cent. 

At Mega Laundry, we supply the entire range and can guide you toward the best possible solution for your needs. To find out more, get in touch today.