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The Difference Between Chest And Cylinder Heated Ironers


Published : Saturday, October 15, 2022

The Difference Between Chest And Cylinder Heated Ironers

Running largescale laundries that do a lot of flatwork requires having a large ironing capacity. There are two main types of industrial-sized roller ironers that are suited for the job: chest and cylinder heated ironing machines. 

It all comes down to the unique needs of each individual laundry and which product will best suit their requirements. 

Chest Heated Roller Iron

Chest heated roller irons are generally lower maintenance machines due to a simpler design and fewer parts that are subject to wear and tear. They have a heated chest that opens and closes against the drum. The drum rotates and feeds the linen past the chest, this contact against the chest is what generates steam and pressure to produce an ironed product. The heated contact surface is smaller than a cylinder heated iron and there is less pressure so the finish will be sufficient for 4 star establishments.

Linen with buttons, press studs or zippers cannot be processed through a chest heated roller iron because they will scratch and damage the chest. If various types of linen are received (like in laundromat environments), one should consider an industrial finishing table if one is processing small volumes or one can consider using a cylinder-heated roller iron.

Cylinder-Heated Roller Ironing Machine 

Cylinder-heated roller irons have belts which feed the linen over a heated drum. Since the drum is the heated part, this provides a larger contact surface and therefore higher production efficiency and a better quality finish. The premium finish is well suited to 5 star establishments or laundries with higher production volumes.

They do, however, require more maintenance due to the larger quantity of wear and tear parts. On the plus side though, they can quite easily handle linen with buttons or press studs without damaging the machine.

At MEGA, we can supply a range of flatwork roller ironing machines to suit your laundry’s needs. Contact us now to get advice and a quote today!