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4 Reasons to Consider an LG Commercial Washer


Published : Monday, December 13, 2021


The LG Commercial Washer offers many features that make it a good choice for commercial laundry businesses. The LG Giant C Pro is an industry-leading total laundry solution. This machine helps to save costs and space, with a high level of efficiency and a quick installation. This commercial washer is reliable, water-efficient and quiet. It is an ideal option for laundromats, student accommodation and various other types of laundry businesses that require a vended system (now available with card payment solutions). Keep reading to find out more about the LG and its key features.

Why Choose an LG Commercial Washer?

Some of the top features of the Giant C Pro LG include the following:

1/ Inverter Direct Drive

The LG commercial washer drum is attached directly to the motor, rather than using a conventional belt and pulley system. This ensures greater durability and reliability, with fewer parts and less need for repairs.

2/ Twin Spray

This system sprays fresh water onto clothes as well as the washer door. Through the atomizing system, a rapid fill is produced, ensuring that clothes are soaked more quickly. This, in turn, ensures a better performance. As an added benefit, the glass door is cleaned when water sprays on the door, requiring less need to clean residue. Twin spray also removes chemical residue from around the door and door seal.

3/ Customized Cycles

Users are able to design their preferred cycles, customising wash time, rinse time, water level and many other settings. 

4/ Utility Savings

The LG front load washer is water efficient and achieves a 400G extraction during the final spin. This results in less drying time and energy costs. There is an estimated 46% saving in utility costs by choosing a front load washer over a top load washer.

5/ Autodosed Detergent

The LG washer has signals to accommodate liquid detergent to be automatically dosed into the machine. This controls the quality of chemicals that are being put into the machine and prevents suds blocking the drain pump (commonly caused by overdosed powder detergent).

As you can see, this machine is an excellent choice for laundry businesses. For more information on the LG Giant C Pro, contact MEGA Laundry today or download our brochure for complete specs.