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Understanding the Grades of Laundry Equipment


Published : Wednesday, January 26, 2022


If you are running a laundry business, you may be wondering which grade of laundry equipment is the right choice. There are three grades of equipment - domestic, commercial and industrial. Each grade has notable differences, pros and cons. The primary factor that you will need to consider for your business is the life cycle of the equipment. Domestic washers have a much lower lifespan compared to industrial washers. The grade of your equipment will depend on the type of business you operate, the average load volume you run each day, whether you are washing lightweight items such as clothing or heavy-duty items such as linens, and the overall size of your business. 

To give you a better understanding of which laundry equipment is right for your needs, the following guide to each grade should help.

Laundry Equipment Grades Explained

The key differences and features of each laundry equipment grade are as follows:


Domestic washers are built to last 3’000 cycles. The machines are small and compact. They are used in households and are not suited for other environments. They are more commonly used for occasional loads of lightweight, personal garments. Although they can last for a long time if not used frequently, they are not ideal for businesses with a high production requirement or one that requires any form of sanitisation. These machines run on 1 phase power.


Commercial washers are built to last 10’000 cycles. These machines are used in smaller hotels, guest houses, laundromats, schools, vets, and other businesses that have a higher volume of washing than households. Commercial machines can be used for vended laundromats as they integrate with coin, token and card payment solutions. These machines run on 1 phase power and have auto dosing for detergent to be automatically dispensed into the machine. Commercial washers dont have strong heating elements so they generally can only process cold washes.


Industrial washers are built to last 30’000 cycles, typically lasting eight cycles per day for ten years. They have a more robust build, have faster cycle times and are much more resource efficient. Sheets, bed linens and other heavy washing can be run through the machines easily. These machines are used many industries for institutions that require a high volume of washing every day. These machines require 3 phase power. They can be auto dosed with detergent and have strong heating elements that can heat the water up to achieve thermal disinfection. Their programs are also customisable to suit your specific needs.

Depending on your plan for your business, it is important to keep this in mind as different equipment will have different lifespans and efficiencies. At MEGA, we offer a range of laundry equipment to suit your needs.