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Key Differences Between Commercial and Industrial Washers


Published : Sunday, April 10, 2022


What are the biggest differences between commercial and industrial washers and how do you choose the right washer for your business? Ultimately, the washer you choose will come down to the application. Commercial washers are typically used in laundromat businesses, universities and other smaller businesses that do not require a high volume of laundry. Industrial washers are most commonly used in healthcare, hospitality and other sectors that require a larger volume and a higher need for sanitation. Over and beyond the application, there are also other factors to consider when choosing between these two types of washers.

Commercial vs Industrial Washers

Here are the key differences between commercial and industrial washers.


Commercial washers are built to last 10’000 cycles where a domestic is built to last 3’000 cycles. On average, a domestic washing machine is made to run through 4 to 6 cycles a week, while a commercial washer can run 5-6 cycles a day. For smaller businesses that do not require a higher capacity, these machines are a good choice. They have a decent performance, and they are also reliable and cost-efficient, making them ideal for laundry businesses and other smaller businesses. 

With that said, commercial washers do not have heating elements, meaning that they only process cold washes and they have basic programmability.


These washers are built to last 30’000 cycles, which is 8 cycles per day for 10 years. They are the recommended choice for hospitality, healthcare, age care or any application that requires laundry to be used by multiple people. For towels and bedding, a high level of sanitisation and a high level of cleaning is required. Industrial washing machines have internal heating elements, meaning that they can heat water to sanitise loads. Without heating, towels and linen are more likely to retain residue, which can pose a risk of germs being spread. They are 20-40% more energy efficient compared with commercial machines. 

Industrial machines have 15 customisable programs where we can write the programs to best suit your needs. Pre-washing at lower temperatures helps to remove some stains that could be set if washed directly in hot water. The multiple rinses help to remove detergent reside without the risk of discolouration of laundry during drying.

At MEGA, we offer a choice of washers to suit your needs. Contact us today to find out more about our range of premium-quality commercial and industrial washers.